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Will help cannabis companies navigate a complex media and regulatory environment.

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Toronto, ON., May 25– Crowns has launched a unique and comprehensive media buying and planning service for the legal cannabis industry called The Grail.


The Grail will help legal cannabis brands reach customers who are 18 years of age or older with informational and brand-preference promotions. The service will help ensure messaging is compliant and consistent across provinces and across media environments.


“Brand-building in the emerging cannabis industry is not for the faint of heart,” says Crowns founder Rebecca Brown. “We built The Grail to make life easier for cannabis marketers.  by providing an industry-focused solution that’s delivered by media experts who are also cannabis experts and who understand the challenges the industry faces.”


To build The Grail, Crowns has curated a network of media vendors across digital, print, direct mail, e-mail and more. They have also built a proprietary targeting product. The network is prepared to adhere to the tight regulations that are expected around advertising cannabis in Canada, and will incorporate provincial rules as well, allowing brands to target audiences across the country.


The Grail will also allow producers access to a range of insights and measurement tools that allow for flexible media monitoring and optimization. Clients will be assured their messaging is consistent yet fluid across different media environments.


Crowns’ sole focus on the cannabis industry offers clients an inside track on unique opportunities and a strong grasp on the tools and techniques needed to flourish in this dynamic industry.

For further information and to arrange an interview please contact Rebecca Brown at 647.456.5599 or email